Upcoming mission – new smile for the seniors

When I have been travelling to Africa to volunteer for the past two years I have received some reproach that instead of treating the teeth of the Africans, I should help the residents of my country. And so I did. I decided to donate new dental plates for the retirement home residents who have been waiting for prosthesis services for years.

This idea attained great attention and support, 15 dental technicians responded and promised to make 120 free dental plates! 11 dentists also chose to contribute to this initiative. Such numbers are incredible.

Vilnius Implantology Centre admits several seniors who are in need of the most urgent assistance almost every last Friday of each month.

Together with my colleagues we have already donated smiles to more than 20 seniors since the summer 2017. Also, we are planning on continuing this project together with the students of the Dental Institute of the Faculty of Medicine at Vilnius University during their training in 2019.