I take great interest in searching for perfect imperfection in dentistry.

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I am a believer that a smile is liberating and presents a variety of opportunities.

Observing the changes – not only external but also internal – of my patients makes me immensely glad that I chose to acquire dental training. I am a third-generation dentist in my family.

My specialisation is full and partial prosthesis on dental implants, also minimally invasive dental prosthesis. However, the biggest compliment for me is when people, captivated by my patient’s smile, dare not to ask if it was given by nature or a specialist had to do something with it.




I would like to share my knowledge and experience with other professionals


I would like to share my knowledge and experience with other professionals

Since I am a millennial, ultra-fast technological progress does not intimidate me. I grew up with it and therefore, as a specialist, I am provided for and given new opportunities by it. Every year I visit the professionals in their field to develop my competence, and more often than not I organise seminars and share my knowledge with other professionals.



My professional activity tends to go further than the work office

I am interested in improving myself not only in my speciality but also in the relations with people. Therefore, I attempt to be socially active all the time: I make dental prosthesis for senior residents of the retirement homes free of charge, and organise missions to the third world countries where I treat teeth of those who need it the most. My activity usually goes further than my work office or my speciality limits, so I am up for saying “yes” to other unexpected activities and challenges.